Toh Merl Liger Traveling Theater

I was in this exploration. It’s a seven weeks exploration, well all the exploration are seven weeks. My job was making a 3d design in an app called SketchUp. I had used to Sketchup before but it was like one and a half year ago and that time we were learning how to use it too. Before we create the theater we have to make our prototype, So our teacher divided us into four groups and then he let us think about what do we want the theatre to look like. Then after we plan about the theater we show our idea to the class and some of us have different ideas but also some of us have similar ideas. After that, we start to make it the theater from cardboard first but we only made two small prototype theater and we also need to measure the height, length. The hard part was cutting the cardboard and sometimes when we cut the cardboard it wrong so we need to cut another cardboard. When both of the team finished making prototype the SketchUp team start to exist and a new job for me! We used the two theater model and make it into a 3d model on Sketchup. We had two people in our team one is me and another one is a junior girl her name is Bopha and if you want to know another teammate please continue reading. We present It’s only two more weeks until sharation, now the problems are not cutting the cardboard the problem is Can we finish printing the 3d model out before sharation? also, will we finish everything and present it on sharation? Because of that, we need a person who’s good at 3d printing. Now welcome out new teammate and that is Meng Huot, he’s a senior and so good at 3d printing also a funny boy. About 6:30 pm after we ate a delicious dinner we came to work with Meng Huoth. We showed him our project and also talk about the printer. We always spend time every day to work on SketchUp. About three days after that we go there again and ask him to print a small part of the car. The printer started the print the small part of the car at about eight and it finished at about 10 pm. So I didn’t wait because I have to go to sleep at 8:30 pm. 

In the morning, I wake up and I really want to see my 3d printing. I go to where we worked before and I saw the piece of the car that has printed in the trash bin, I picked It up and It was already broken but because the broken part is not big so I keep it for my self. After that, I went back to my house and put the 3d printing in my own cupboard. The new week arrive, eight o’clock is when we start our exploration. I took the 3d printing to school and tell my teacher that we print it but when we take it out from the print bed(where 3d print sits on) it breaks. The next one was the wheel it this time it was successful so I took the two wheels and put them together with the printed piece of the car. All the day after that we all worked hard to prepare for sharation.

Woohoo! today is the sharation day we will show what we have to people. In the morning at eight o’clock, we prepared our SketchUp model and also prepare our script. People are coming, I was a bit nervous and you know that whenever I’m nervous the temperature in my body rise and feel like want to sit. But when I present to people it just changes and feels better than before. Wooh! we finished the sharation and this time my body get normal. This is a beautiful, happy, nervous start and end of the exploration. 

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