Literacy Class

We have Khmer literacy and we also have English Literacy. In Literacy class we learn writing, reading and more. We read a lot in the class and we use websites like Newsela, Readworks and Commonlit, but Newsela is what we use most of the time. We read about some stories in the past like Sign languages, the origin of the day of the week and more. Go back to the past like a long time ago I and all the junior wrote memoirs(a paragraph of our own memory) and I wrote about spelling bee competition. After we finished writing our memoirs. We check and print it out then read to others in the class. We learn in a class where all the books are around us and we can also borrow books to read from there. We have a paper that have words and works for every monday we also have themes, themes are the topic that we have all the week. Many things are happening, literacy is getting more fun, ready for us to learn.

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