Traditional Food Exploration

This is Traditional Food Exploration. There are 15 students, 7 boys, and 8 girls. We went to Siem Reap province to interview the chef and people in restaurants.We mostly focus on kind of a documentary of Khmer traditional food so we have three teams one is Journalism team, Video team and Photo team and I was in Video team. The restaurants that we went to are Mahob, Cuisine Watamanak, and the last one is The Sugar Palm. When we went to each restaurant we met the owner of the restaurant and interview them about their story and their life, what’s special about their restaurant, what do they think the future of Khmer cuisine is and more… Chefs in each restaurant are so friendly, they gave us many informations. There are many problems on our trip and especially while interviewing we have the problem with the camera, here is what happened, when the temperature of the camera rise, the camera will stop working for a while so most of the time we have to switch the camera. We have met a lot of problems and fun on the trip and that’s what makes the trip unforgettable. 

I had made a video about Behind the Scenes of our exploration  

Here’s the link:

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