STEM Round 3

STEM Class

S,T,E,M. STEM, it means Science, Technology, Engineer and Math, Right? So in STEM class, we are not learning about STEM, but we are learning about science. The subject is so cool, very cool, and why?  

because we have experiments and these experiments help us to understand what happened in this and that.  Down here an instruction of an experiment that we’ve tried before,

Black Snake Experiment

What We Need

  • 20 gram of sugar
  • 5 gram of baking soda
  • Sand
  • Aluminum


We take 20 grams of sugar and 5 grams of baking soda mix together. Put the sand into a small bowl until it close to the top of that blow, make a small hole in the middle of the bowl, then put the mixed sugar with baking into the hole after that pour some alcohol on the sand till it gets a bit wet. Then it’s time to burn. We fire it, then when it burns the sugar, the black thing will come up and it continues until the burning stop.

Was that cool? To me it’ super cool. Hope you like it too!

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