Khmer Class Round 3

Khmer Class now is more researching class about Cambodia. Teacher gives us the topic, and let the students research by groups that we’ve divide. My group got a topic that asks “What is the different between the word “Khmer” and “Kampuchea/Kampuch”, and we found out that:


Khmer: People who have a nationality as Cambodian,  people who live in Cambodia, the main language that is spoken in Cambodia.

Ex: “We are Khmer” means we are Cambodian.


Kampuchea/Kampuch: The word Kampuchea/Kampuch means Cambodia in Khmer, and the meaning of it is “Kampu” means gold, and “Chea” means born or birth. The meaning of the word  Kampuchea/Kampuch is the same, but most of the time we use Kampuchea which means “Cambodia” in English.

Ex: “We are Khmer, and we live in Kampuchea” means “We are Cambodian, and we live in Cambodia”

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