Technology/Multimedia Round 5


Technology and multimedia this round is a really amazing. Why? Because we got to do some INDEPENDENT PROJECT!. My independent project is about Photoshop, Um! I have a product that I’ve made using the app.

This picture was made in Photoshop. Doesn’t it look good, could it be your desktop background I don’t know!, Now let see how did I make this beautiful picture.

First, upload the picture that you want to photoshop, and create some text on it. For me I upload the picture of Angkor Wat and a text that says “Angkor Wat”, You can choose whatever font or color you like.

You would see that the picture is called “Layer 1”. If you look at the  When you created the text the picture went behind the text. So now you have to move the “Layer 1” To the top of the text in the session called “Layer”.

After that, you need to click on this button called “Add layer mask” Then right click on the “Layer 1” and click on “Create Clipping Mask”
Do you have your result yet? Is it good, and yep! That’s it, have fun!


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