2018 | Humans of Cambodia – Capturing Cambodian Stories Through Photography

Exploring Cambodian stories was the pivot of this exploration. During the project, I took the role of a photographer. Although it was my first time holding a camera, It was an unforgettable experience nonetheless. Throughout seven weeks, I and my team visited multiple destinations to document Cambodian life and stories. We went to densely populated areas such as markets and tourist destinations. Over there, we collected stories of a woman who sells mango with a smile, a man who was determined to sell souvenirs regardless of his disability, and many more. We were truly left inspired by their narratives and their appreciation of life. The more places we visited, the more stories we were able to collect, and the more I learned about photography. Among many others, one of my photos is exhibited in our school hallway ‘till today. I love that I can share the fascinating lives of Cambodians through this art that I learned to create.

Before and After

Hi, today I’m showing you a before and after picture. Which will tell you about how much changes humans have made to that place? I did one before and after picture and it’s about AEON MALL Sen Sok City. The left picture shows about the place before AEON MALL was built, and the right picture shows about the place after AEON MALL was built. Thanks


Technology/Multimedia Round 5


Technology and multimedia this round is a really amazing. Why? Because we got to do some INDEPENDENT PROJECT!. My independent project is about Photoshop, Um! I have a product that I’ve made using the app.

This picture was made in Photoshop. Doesn’t it look good, could it be your desktop background I don’t know!, Now let see how did I make this beautiful picture.

First, upload the picture that you want to photoshop, and create some text on it. For me I upload the picture of Angkor Wat and a text that says “Angkor Wat”, You can choose whatever font or color you like.

You would see that the picture is called “Layer 1”. If you look at the  When you created the text the picture went behind the text. So now you have to move the “Layer 1” To the top of the text in the session called “Layer”.

After that, you need to click on this button called “Add layer mask” Then right click on the “Layer 1” and click on “Create Clipping Mask”
Do you have your result yet? Is it good, and yep! That’s it, have fun!


Literacy Round 4

You wear your shoes almost every hour of our life. Imagine not having your shoes on, It’s hard right? The first solution that people think of is to just buy new shoe but that would cost money. Here are solutions to help you to not lose your shoes and buy a new one.

  • Keep at a place that you could easily see
  • Put some color on it or sign on your shoes
  • If you can, buy a shoe that is different from people who live around you.
  • Never keep your shoes near running water
  • Need to  take a picture of your shoes so you could show someone latter when you lose your shoes


These solutions might help you about 70 percent, but at least it helps you to not lose your shoes, and more careful with your shoes.

%Math% – Round 4

‘%’ this sign is called percentage sign, It represents percentage. But what is a percentage? Percentage is a different way to show a number that has divided by 100. That’s my meaning, but I don’t think you could understand that, so i will show you the example:

Ex: A store has 150 cookies, They’ve sold 80 cookies of all the cookies, Find the percentage of the cookies that they’ve sold.

  • So now you know how many cookies they have and how many cookies they’ve sold
  • Now we have to find the percentage of the cookies that they’ve sold
  • So you will take 150 times 80 and divide it by 100

150 x 80 ÷ 100

150 x 80 = 12,000

12,000 ÷ 100 = 120

  • The short way of dividing by 100 is counting how many 0 does 100 have, and there are two zeros, so you
  • 100 have two 0, our answer is 12,000. So we could just delete the two 00 in 12,000, so now the answer is still 120 but it faster to find.

This strategy could work if there are 0 in the answer(Ex: 12,000), but if there aren’t 0 in the answer(Ex: 1356). So, if we divide the answer by 100, we that 100 have two 00. Now imagine that you have a . at the right side of number 6. So we will move the dot two times to the left because 100 have two 0.

Khmer Class Round 3

Khmer Class now is more researching class about Cambodia. Teacher gives us the topic, and let the students research by groups that we’ve divide. My group got a topic that asks “What is the different between the word “Khmer” and “Kampuchea/Kampuch”, and we found out that:


Khmer: People who have a nationality as Cambodian,  people who live in Cambodia, the main language that is spoken in Cambodia.

Ex: “We are Khmer” means we are Cambodian.


Kampuchea/Kampuch: The word Kampuchea/Kampuch means Cambodia in Khmer, and the meaning of it is “Kampu” means gold, and “Chea” means born or birth. The meaning of the word  Kampuchea/Kampuch is the same, but most of the time we use Kampuchea which means “Cambodia” in English.

Ex: “We are Khmer, and we live in Kampuchea” means “We are Cambodian, and we live in Cambodia”

STEM Round 3

STEM Class

S,T,E,M. STEM, it means Science, Technology, Engineer and Math, Right? So in STEM class, we are not learning about STEM, but we are learning about science. The subject is so cool, very cool, and why?  

because we have experiments and these experiments help us to understand what happened in this and that.  Down here an instruction of an experiment that we’ve tried before,

Black Snake Experiment

What We Need

  • 20 gram of sugar
  • 5 gram of baking soda
  • Sand
  • Aluminum


We take 20 grams of sugar and 5 grams of baking soda mix together. Put the sand into a small bowl until it close to the top of that blow, make a small hole in the middle of the bowl, then put the mixed sugar with baking into the hole after that pour some alcohol on the sand till it gets a bit wet. Then it’s time to burn. We fire it, then when it burns the sugar, the black thing will come up and it continues until the burning stop.

Was that cool? To me it’ super cool. Hope you like it too!

Math Class Round 3

After Advance Enrichment end at 11:00 o’clock, I continue to my math class. We learn about Ratio, decimals, and other things. What is Ratio?, A ratio is two different number that compares with each other.

We could write ratio in different ways:

12 to 34 or 12 : 34 or 12 and 34, the way we write ratio is different but they still have the same value


     Ratio of Chickens = 39

     Ratio of Cows = 15

  • Now, we say the ratio of chickens and cow is 39 and 15.

We could use ratio to compare with more number at a time:


     Ratio of Chickens = 39

     Ratio of Cows = 15

     Ratio of Dogs = 20

     Ratio of People = 9

  • We have to write longer now, The ratio of chickens, cow, dogs, and people is 39 : 15 : 20 : 9 or the ratio of chickens, cows, dogs, and people is 39 to 15 to 20 to 9 or the ratio of chickens, cows, dogs, and people is 39 and 15 and 20 and 9.

Oooh! It’s 12:00 o’clock now! Let’s go to lunch!  

Bye! Bye!

Literacy Class Round 3

In literacy class, this round is so different, because we have 30 minutes for learning and another 30 minutes for reading books. What books did I read? We are now reading novels!

We read three different novels. One is Wonder, second is the outsider, and last is Monster. The names of the books feel so interesting, Right? Do you want to read those books too? Well now I will introduce you to a book that I’ve read which is Wonder book, it’s a novel about a kid name Aggie that have been through a lot of plastic surgeries, because of that he has a bad face. People would discriminate him because of what he looked like. Even he has a bad face but that doesn’t stop him from being friendly and kind.

Technology/Multimedia Round 3

In this round the Technology and multimedia class. We learn about coding. In a language called Python, we learn deeper and deeper about this language. In this lesson we also learn about while loops, for loops, if/elif/else, and some other things in python.

While Loops

A while loop is a loop that repeats again and again if the boolean value is still true.

For Loops

In my own meaning For Loops is a loop that repeats in a number of times that we’ve set.


To use if statement we need to make a variable before we make the if statement. The way we write if statement is kind of similar to how we write while loops. If statement compares the information in the variable with another information and the output will depend on what to action you put if the information is true or false.