2018 | Humans of Cambodia – Capturing Cambodian Stories Through Photography

Exploring Cambodian stories was the pivot of this exploration. During the project, I took the role of a photographer. Although it was my first time holding a camera, It was an unforgettable experience nonetheless. Throughout seven weeks, I and my team visited multiple destinations to document Cambodian life and stories. We went to densely populated areas such as markets and tourist destinations. Over there, we collected stories of a woman who sells mango with a smile, a man who was determined to sell souvenirs regardless of his disability, and many more. We were truly left inspired by their narratives and their appreciation of life. The more places we visited, the more stories we were able to collect, and the more I learned about photography. Among many others, one of my photos is exhibited in our school hallway ‘till today. I love that I can share the fascinating lives of Cambodians through this art that I learned to create.

Traditional Food Exploration

This is Traditional Food Exploration. There are 15 students, 7 boys, and 8 girls. We went to Siem Reap province to interview the chef and people in restaurants.We mostly focus on kind of a documentary of Khmer traditional food so we have three teams one is Journalism team, Video team and Photo team and I was in Video team. The restaurants that we went to are Mahob, Cuisine Watamanak, and the last one is The Sugar Palm. When we went to each restaurant we met the owner of the restaurant and interview them about their story and their life, what’s special about their restaurant, what do they think the future of Khmer cuisine is and more… Chefs in each restaurant are so friendly, they gave us many informations. There are many problems on our trip and especially while interviewing we have the problem with the camera, here is what happened, when the temperature of the camera rise, the camera will stop working for a while so most of the time we have to switch the camera. We have met a lot of problems and fun on the trip and that’s what makes the trip unforgettable. 

I had made a video about Behind the Scenes of our exploration  

Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/_4cXjN-MkH4

Toh Merl Liger Traveling Theater

I was in this exploration. It’s a seven weeks exploration, well all the exploration are seven weeks. My job was making a 3d design in an app called SketchUp. I had used to Sketchup before but it was like one and a half year ago and that time we were learning how to use it too. Before we create the theater we have to make our prototype, So our teacher divided us into four groups and then he let us think about what do we want the theatre to look like. Then after we plan about the theater we show our idea to the class and some of us have different ideas but also some of us have similar ideas. After that, we start to make it the theater from cardboard first but we only made two small prototype theater and we also need to measure the height, length. The hard part was cutting the cardboard and sometimes when we cut the cardboard it wrong so we need to cut another cardboard. When both of the team finished making prototype the SketchUp team start to exist and a new job for me! We used the two theater model and make it into a 3d model on Sketchup. We had two people in our team one is me and another one is a junior girl her name is Bopha and if you want to know another teammate please continue reading. We present It’s only two more weeks until sharation, now the problems are not cutting the cardboard the problem is Can we finish printing the 3d model out before sharation? also, will we finish everything and present it on sharation? Because of that, we need a person who’s good at 3d printing. Now welcome out new teammate and that is Meng Huot, he’s a senior and so good at 3d printing also a funny boy. About 6:30 pm after we ate a delicious dinner we came to work with Meng Huoth. We showed him our project and also talk about the printer. We always spend time every day to work on SketchUp. About three days after that we go there again and ask him to print a small part of the car. The printer started the print the small part of the car at about eight and it finished at about 10 pm. So I didn’t wait because I have to go to sleep at 8:30 pm. 

In the morning, I wake up and I really want to see my 3d printing. I go to where we worked before and I saw the piece of the car that has printed in the trash bin, I picked It up and It was already broken but because the broken part is not big so I keep it for my self. After that, I went back to my house and put the 3d printing in my own cupboard. The new week arrive, eight o’clock is when we start our exploration. I took the 3d printing to school and tell my teacher that we print it but when we take it out from the print bed(where 3d print sits on) it breaks. The next one was the wheel it this time it was successful so I took the two wheels and put them together with the printed piece of the car. All the day after that we all worked hard to prepare for sharation.

Woohoo! today is the sharation day we will show what we have to people. In the morning at eight o’clock, we prepared our SketchUp model and also prepare our script. People are coming, I was a bit nervous and you know that whenever I’m nervous the temperature in my body rise and feel like want to sit. But when I present to people it just changes and feels better than before. Wooh! we finished the sharation and this time my body get normal. This is a beautiful, happy, nervous start and end of the exploration. 


Welcome to Entrepreneurship Exploration. This exploration is a type of learning that let us create our own product and sell it to the people. On the first day of the exploration, the teacher taught us about what is entrepreneurship?. An entrepreneur needs to solve the problems that customers have. About one-week latter, teacher divided us into groups, entrepreneurship is a business that you’ll create things to sell to people like I said and also to that me and my group thinking what product should we make, then we decide to make a board game. He also told us to choose a name for the company of the group and the name was Fun & GMK and down here is our logo that we designed by our self.


⦁    The dice on the logo stand for board games.

⦁    The word Fun & GMK stand for “Fun and Gain more Knowledge”.

⦁    At the top of the logo is our own quote for the board game which is “board game for everyone”.

. At the end of the exploration, we have the sharation, the same as other students

. We presented the board game to the staffs and some seniors. They asked us a lot of questions some of the questions were a little bit hard. We also had sold some of the board games to staff and some Juniors also want to buy ours too. When we see people want to buy it we still want to make more board games for them. If there are a lot of people want to buy this then that’s a really good news for our team. 

Cambodian Geography Book

In this year we have a huge exploration, called Cambodian Geography book. It’s an exploration that will create a book. There are four regions in the exploration. The first region is the northern part, the second is the western part then the third is the southern part and the last one is the eastern part. I am in the third region. For my trip we went to seven provinces there are Kandal, Prey Veng, Koh Kong, Preah Sihanouk, Kampot, Takeo, and the last one was Svay Rieng. We went on the trip to get information from the people. The first interview in Svay Rieng that we went to was a bit nervous but when we interview people again and again In other provinces we felt more comfortable than the first time of interviewing. When we almost arrived in the first province which was Koh kong our teacher divided us into groups, after we know the members In our group the teacher gave us some questions that we could ask people there, but these questions were just example for us, because when we’re interviewing we need to ask our own questions. When we were on the trip we got a lot of weather experiences like someplace was hot and someplace was cold or really cold. In Areng comune we met a cool weather and when we came out from where we sleep at night we spoke to each other, after that the smoke came out from our mouth when we were speaking, then everyone was really surprised because they never this never happen to them before also me. About nine o’clock in the morning on the same day, we prepared our self for a hiking on Mrech Kong Kep mountain. The way to get on this mountain was a little bit hard because there weren’t any stair, but for me, I like to climb the mountain like that. We took about two hours to get to the top of the mountain. There was also a guide to help us climb this mountain. I met many types of trees, some trees were really tall and big and some are old and some are small. At the top of the mountain, we saw others mountains, houses, roads and a lot of trees around the mountain. My friend started to fly her drone to take some pictures of Mrech Kong Keb mountain, after that it’s time to take our student photo with my teacher phone, then we stay there a bit and we went back down from the mountain. I also heard from the guide that there’s a plant that was so dangerous because it had poison in its body and all the plant that grow next to it will die and when I know about this I start to be really careful when I walk. I was so tired because the road was far. But I got a lot of experience at climbing, and I hope that I have time to go there again. After we came back from the mountain, we rode the tractor back to where we sleep at night. We had lunch at 11 am and it was so delicious the food was pork. When everyone finished their lunch, we washed our hands and check our stuff then get ready to go on the bus to go to Leza’s house. On the road to go there, we saw a lot of people and there was also a big river and a bridge to go to the other side of Khemarak Phoumin city. When we arrived at Leza’s house, It was about five o’clock. We took our things into her house, and her mom was really welcome to us. About 20 minutes later we took the bath and do some work together. Eh, then we have dinner in a restaurant. That was so delicious. We went to the river again and it was so fresh because we have the natural air from the river, it was cold there then we bought some of the egg from Vitou aunt and his grandmother. Then we came back to Leza’s house and It was night so we brush our teeth or someone needs to change the clothes they can after that we went to sleep. In the morning we woke up and took the bath, changed our clothes, pack up our stuff and said goodbye to Leza’s mom then we went to get some breakfast. When everyone finished their breakfast they get back to the bus and continued our trip to Koh Kong. We do the same thing again and again on the trip, we go to the province then interview and find a place to sleep at night after that in the morning we went to other places or ministry of that province. Then the last province was takeo, we were coming from Kampot province and we stayed in Takeo one night in my own house. My family prepared a lot of food, like fish, and we were hungry, so we ate a lot. Then we took the bath and do some work, and I think you know what happened next right? We went to sleep!!!. The morning comes again, that day was the last day of the trip. We woke up brush our teeth for the last time in Takeo, take a shower and then all the student pack up their stuff into the bus except me because this is the last day and it was my home so i just take the stuff or books that I need and go on the bus. The driver took to a restaurant and ate foods. I asked my friend about the taste of the food then he said good taste. After we ate all the food. Everyone went back to the bus and then went to the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Takeo province. We asked them a lot of questions about statues, temples and more information of Takeo province. It was about one hour of meeting with people there. We also took some photos with the staff of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, we said thanks and goodbye to them when we left. Our next destination is still in Takeo province, It was Chiso mountain.It was 130 meters high. When I arrived there I saw a lot of people, sellers, and visitors. We climbed the stair at the south of the mountain, there were about 403 steps to the top of this mountain. While we’re climbing the stair, there were small statues of a grandfather and a grandmother sitting at the left side of us. Climbing this mountain was tired but when we arrived at the top of Chiso mountain, we started to feel so good, because we have the fresh air coming to our body. OK! Now let’s talk about work. We asked a lot of questions to old grandpas and grandmas there to get stories from them and also some history of this mountain. There was also a pagoda and a temple on the mountain call Chiso temple. After we asked all the questions that we have then we walked into the temple to see some of the Inscription from the past. It was my first time reading this type of letters on a rock. The letters were so difficult to read, and it was so different from Khmer letters that we’re writing every day. We didn’t forget about praying, because it’s a part of having a good day on this trip. So I prayed to have a great day and great things happen to everyone on the trip, then we went back down on the same stair, My leg was hurt and I didn’t know why, but I could walk. After we came back from Chiso mountain. I was tired so then we had a break, after that we went back to the bus and continued to our next place which was Prey Kabas. We went there and stop the bus at Reach’s house. Near his house, I saw many people were doing weaving. Then we went to interview them. They said, “weaving is hard and this traditional Khmer skirt couldn’t have a lot of places to sell also they can’t get a lot of money with this job before almost all the house in this area worked on weaving, but now they stop doing It”. then we kept asking them more and more. After that, we took some photo of them and went to another house.

I went to see other people working on this job. Even this work is hard but they still do it because they want to let the next generation to know what weaving is. Then when we finished all the things we went back to Liger. But I wanted to stay at my home because it was Friday. It’s the end of the trip I remember the things and work that we did it together on the trip and the experiences that I and my friend had on this beautiful trip. On Sunday I and Sabda went back to Liger and start to learn on Monday. In class, we continue doing our work from the trip and about two weeks later we had a presentation of Cambodia Geography Book region three In the school. I was a bit nervous, but I did my best to present. This is the biggest experience in my life and I will remember It forever.


This is the Bamboo exploration. We created things from bamboo in that exploration. Other students also made a lot of stuff to show in the sharation. They have made the products from bamboo like a chair, earing, lamp, bows, and more stuff. Our teacher told us to take the bamboo product that we have made to put on the table next to the walkway in the school. When the sharatioin comes, we didn’t sell a lot of our product, but we still happy about what we got. On the sharation day, We also had some games that use bamboo for the people who come and see us, there is bamboo bow shooting, consolidate piece of bamboo into a shape. The good thing that happened on the sharation is that the journalist come and join the sharation and they really enjoy the event. And they also buy some of our product but they didn’t buy a lot. The journalist said that we did a great job and when we hear that we were so proud of our self. For the first time in this exploration I kind of get a bit bored at it, but when I know it more and more, It’s kind of cool, That’s all I want to say about my bamboo exploration.