Technology and Multimedia Round 2


In this round, we learned about coding. We use a website called Codecademy. It is really fun to work with these codes. We learn a code language called Python, it’s used for many things, you can print words, calculating and many other things. I also want to try another coding language that I haven’t tried, it is Java. I am now so interested in coding even sometimes i get stuck. Coding is my new thing to learn and it’s becoming my favorite thing to do too! 

Literacy : Round 2

Now we have a new activity called Devil advocate. In this activity, we have to choose one out of twelve topics, and I choose one topic that says in order to vote you have to be rich and educated. After picking a topic you have to think in your own opinion that you agree or disagree with the topic. To me, I would disagree because to vote they don’t have to be rich, they can just be normal people, and they don’t have to be educated because they have their rights to vote. BUT!! As a devil advocate, we have to speak at the opposite side of your own opinion. So now I have to change to speech to: “In order to vote you have to be rich and educated” and reasons “Because, if you are rich and educated, you could know more about your country or who you are voting for, but for the poor people they don’t really know about the world and they are not educated so we shouldn’t let them vote” and that’s my idea of playing devil advocate.

Math: Geometry

Now it’s 11 o’clock again, and I have my math class again. YES! This time we learn about some geometry. As you know they are rectangles, triangles, square and some are weird shapes that have no name. It’s a struggle some time to find the area of each shape but that’s what we have to learn. Learning in this class is always fun for, and I would like to learn math more and more.


Traditional Food Exploration

This is Traditional Food Exploration. There are 15 students, 7 boys, and 8 girls. We went to Siem Reap province to interview the chef and people in restaurants.We mostly focus on kind of a documentary of Khmer traditional food so we have three teams one is Journalism team, Video team and Photo team and I was in Video team. The restaurants that we went to are Mahob, Cuisine Watamanak, and the last one is The Sugar Palm. When we went to each restaurant we met the owner of the restaurant and interview them about their story and their life, what’s special about their restaurant, what do they think the future of Khmer cuisine is and more… Chefs in each restaurant are so friendly, they gave us many informations. There are many problems on our trip and especially while interviewing we have the problem with the camera, here is what happened, when the temperature of the camera rise, the camera will stop working for a while so most of the time we have to switch the camera. We have met a lot of problems and fun on the trip and that’s what makes the trip unforgettable. 

I had made a video about Behind the Scenes of our exploration  

Here’s the link:

Technology and Multimedia

This is a new class that was just started about one month ago. Now we are learning computer science, but we are not yet start to learn code. A new thing for me is algorithm, it’s means, the solution or the fast way to solve a problem. Everyone in the class looks so have fun with algorithm and another one is coding, and look like people in my class love coding and they want to learn it. I hope this will be more fun and I will love it.

Literacy Class

We have Khmer literacy and we also have English Literacy. In Literacy class we learn writing, reading and more. We read a lot in the class and we use websites like Newsela, Readworks and Commonlit, but Newsela is what we use most of the time. We read about some stories in the past like Sign languages, the origin of the day of the week and more. Go back to the past like a long time ago I and all the junior wrote memoirs(a paragraph of our own memory) and I wrote about spelling bee competition. After we finished writing our memoirs. We check and print it out then read to others in the class. We learn in a class where all the books are around us and we can also borrow books to read from there. We have a paper that have words and works for every monday we also have themes, themes are the topic that we have all the week. Many things are happening, literacy is getting more fun, ready for us to learn.

STEM Class

STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We have this class in Liger. In this year we learn science. STEM class is from 2 o’clock to 3 o’clock. Last year we learned astronomy, mineral and more. This is a new year and we learn new things like State of matters, Earth Science, what is science, and many more things that we will learn. Talk about quizzes we have a lot of quizzes, but before we do quiz teacher always give us time to read and remember what we have learned. Every time we have the quiz I always feel a bit nervous because I don’t know what will the teacher ask. Some of the quizzes are hard and some are not, but when it’s easy I feel more energy than the hard one. I love to learn in STEM class because it’s fun and it’s my favorite subject.


Wooh Math time! the last class of the morning. In this class, we have nine students, so it feels like a small class. We have this class since 2017. We learn Fractions, word problems and a lot of things in math.  Sometimes we play a game called Kahoot, It’s a fun game and everyone in the class love it. We also have tests every week. Because my teacher wants to know how are we going and what do we have to improve. Homework! we have homework every week and we do it in a workbook,  not just homework we also do this book when we are free. This is the class from 11:00 to 12:00 and 12:00 is when we eat launch so sometime in this class I feel so hungry. We have a learning website for the teacher to give some exercise or homework every week. That’s all for math class. Thanks 

Money Tree

This is called the Money Tree Advance Enrichment. It’s on Monday every week. We learn about Money, how to spend and when to use them and more But that’s not all, let see what do we do in the class. This is like a game, we have three teams in the class. Sure we have money! wait, wait don’t be so surprised because the money is not the real one, it’s fake but for this class it has value. There are also some other things like Food point that we use for spending not for eating at all because it’s a small paper, so if you go to my class don’t eat the food point, please. Next, we have another special thing. It called utility point, we use this one to double the money when you give a right answer to your teacher when he asks. All the student in this class are always happy when we play a game called Money Trivia, in this game, there are 20 or more boxes, we can pick the question but you can’t see the question because it’s covered with boxes. When you already pick the boxes, there will be a question if you answer right you can choose to have a cash box or just get 150$. I like to learn in this class because I have fun every week.