Wooh Math time! the last class of the morning. In this class, we have nine students, so it feels like a small class. We have this class since 2017. We learn Fractions, word problems and a lot of things in math.  Sometimes we play a game called Kahoot, It’s a fun game and everyone in the class love it. We also have tests every week. Because my teacher wants to know how are we going and what do we have to improve. Homework! we have homework every week and we do it in a workbook,  not just homework we also do this book when we are free. This is the class from 11:00 to 12:00 and 12:00 is when we eat launch so sometime in this class I feel so hungry. We have a learning website for the teacher to give some exercise or homework every week. That’s all for math class. Thanks 

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